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Honda Monkey Z50J Gris -


Le Honda Monkey Z50J de Silver Susi

Le Honda Monkey Z50J de Silver Susi

Voici le Honda Monkey Z50J de Silver Susi, un Monkey simple et efficace !

Honda Monkey Z50J Gris -

Honda Monkey Z50J Gris -

Liste des modifications :

Moteur :
– CRF70 bottom end (going to put ATC70 4speed transmission over the winter)
– TB88 Race Head kit
– TB HD auto clutch (going to add TB billet clutch basket over the winter)
– BMC air filter
– G-Craft 360degree manifold for PC20
– G-Craft carburetor float bowl for PC20
– G-Craft carburetor cap for PC20
– G-Craft carburetor idle screw for PC20
– Takegawa forged kick start lever
– Takegawa forged gear pedal
– Takegawa Z-style type 2 exhaust

Electronique :
– Honda ND ignition 12V
– Kitaco coil
– NGK spark plug cord & plug
– CF Posh batteryless unit
– Shift UP LED rear light
– Takegawa front reflector
– SEV Marchall yellow headlight glass

Partie cycle :
– Ishock SB3 shocks with 150lbs springs
– G-Craft 4.0J rims front & rear
– Bridgestone TW2 3.50 tires
– Rebuilt Honda hubs
– Kitaco brake pads
– Mighty Minis 28t aluminium sprocket
– RK chain
– Takegawa forged aluminium brake arm kit front & rear
– Kitaco brake rod plug
– CF Posh side stand
– Kitaco Z- seat
– Takegawa 140kmh speedometer
– Daytona throttle kit
– ASV front brake lever
– ODI Troy Lee grips
– Kitaco red front brake cable
– Tapered stem bearings
– G-Craft cable guide on the bars
– Kitaco Z-seat

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